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Increase Sales and Grow Your Business by Getting Your Digital Marketing Right.

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You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking to stop wasting money on failed marketing efforts and start seeing a positive return on your investments.

I am a Facebook and Google Certified Online Advertising Professional with experience managing hundreds of PPC campaigns across many different industries.

I along with my team of specialists can provide just about any service you need to deploy and manage successful marketing campaigns including copywriting, social media graphics designing, landing page creation and search engine optimization.

My Process

We'll Just Go Through These 4 Easy Steps


Let's Have a Quick Discussion

We have an open discussion where we ask each other questions to decide if we are a good fit to help achieve your business goals.


Understanding Your Business

Once you signup as a client, I will do comprehensive research on your business and conduct a competitive analysis to understand it inside out.


Delivering the Strategy

I will devise and implement a digital marketing strategy which will ensure that the desired results are achieved at the lowest cost with the highest ROI.



Digital marketing is all about strategy optimization. By tweaking and testing your campaigns we will learn and implement what works best for your business and help achieve the desired results.
My Expertise

Google Ads

Pay Per Click (PPC) is an incredibly powerful tool for growing your business. It works across all industries and products, from small companies to large. Given how prospects search for products and services today, PPC management is a critical component of your marketing strategy.

The problem is that most small to midsize companies don’t do it correctly, leading to sub-par results or unprofitable campaigns. Chances are you don’t build your own car or home. Unless you’re an expert, the results would be disastrous. AdWords is no different. While Google makes it seem very easy and even offers “help” from their staff, the reality is that AdWords campaigns can rapidly become a failing money pit if not handled with care. Most companies who say “AdWords doesn’t work” have had this experience. Most of the time two basic fixes could have made the difference.

Case Studies

Google Ads Case Studies

The customer wanted to generate more leads for his local air condition business. He was not getting enough business to keep his team busy all day. He was used to paying around $200 per lead using Yelp and Yellow Pages advertising.

We decided to run a Google Ads campaign to target people looking for air condition service and repair searches in the local area. We were able to get him better qualified leads for $69 per lead. We also focused on high end keywords that would produce the best ROI.

The customer wanted to generate more leads for her local dog training and daycare business. She was only generating leads from local referrals and networking events. She was struggling because she didn’t have a steady stream of new leads coming in on a daily basis.

We decided to run a Google Ads campaign to target people looking for dog training and daycare searches in the local area. We were able to get her a steady stream of qualified leads for $43 per lead. We also focused on long-tail keywords that would produce the best ROI.

The customer wanted to generate more leads for their international moving business. They ran an ads campaign in the past and were generating leads for $450 per lead. Even through this lead cost was profitable for them, it was still way too high.

We decided to re-create a new Google Ads campaign to target people looking for a moving company to Hawaii, from the USA. We were able to get her a them qualified leads for $78 per lead. We also focused on long-tail keywords that would produce the best ROI.

My Expertise

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads can be a great tool for small business owners to reach new customers. But be wary—if you have not tried Facebook advertising before, it’s a very different ad model. You can run up a huge ad spend bill with no results to show for it if you’re not careful. As with all digital marketing today, your best bet is to work with an experienced professional with a track record of delivering a return on investment.

Facebook Ads is part of your overall social media strategy. Posting and sharing content would be another part. Both are important, but are very different—and they are often confused.Depending on your business, your customers may or may not be looking to engage with you on social media. Some companies may find potential customers by building brand awareness through posts of other content. However, Facebook frequently changes their newsfeed algorithms and getting any traction with Facebook is more and more a pay-to-play environment similar to other PPC platforms like Google AdWords (now Google Ads).

Case Studies

Facebook Ads Case Studies

The customer never ran a Facebook campaign before and was interested in generating leads for their local medical spa. Their average cost per acquisition to generate a lead was $280 through traditional marketing methods.

Within the first 30-days of running our highly optimized Facebook campaign, we were able to generate them leads for $32 from 1 campaign. We also created another campaign and got them over 7,500 video views for their new commercial promoting their new location.

Client is running a health eCommerce store. She was losing money running her own campaigns. We helped her increase her Average Order Value & managed to get her 3.54x ROAS (return on ad spend) within 1 month of working together.

Screenshot updated to show that we’ve scaled her revenues to $44,000 while still maintaining a 3x ROAS.

Client sells a $2,500 high-ticket course. He has predominantly only used email marketing to sell it. He was looking to expand his reach and got our help with Facebook Ads. We managed to help him get sales at an amazing ROAS of 8.52x.

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What My Clients Say

Faizan is extremely good. He made high quality Facebook ads which perform really well. I would use him again definitely for any service. Would also recommend him to anyone.
David Vincent
We highly recommend Faizan for Google Ads. He's clear in his communication, very knowledgable about Google Ads and also very professional and well organised. We hired him for executing and maintaining our Google Ads campaigns. If you need a Google Ads expert, Faizan is your man!
Stephen Ross
Working with Faizan was an excellent experience. He has an excellent insight of Facebook and Google Ads and a deep understanding of how to make Ad campaigns efficient. I will continue to work with him in the future and will refer him to my associates.
Julian Carter
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