Vinci Hair Clinic

We have generated leads for Vinci Hair Clinic through AdWords and Facebook ads. They provide hair transplant services in Brazil, UK, US, Australia and Nigeria.

Client: Salvar Bjornsson

Category: Leads Generation – Fb & AdWords

Facebook Ads

Within a period of one year we have doubled the number of conversions from Facebook ads and reduced the CPC to 1/3rd. We have also reduced the CPA to more than half within the less monthly budget that was used earlier. To get more insights about this client’s Facebook ads contact us now.

Google Ads

On AdWords, we have setup leads generation campaigns to get more form submissions on their website. We have achieved a good CTR and Conversion rate on AdWords by working few months for this client. Let us know if you want to know more and we will send you a detailed case study of their AdWords campaigns.